Terms & Conditions

1. Please note that your gold can become tarnished during the testing phase, but it should be possible to polish out any tarnishing. This is part of the testing process and we accept no responsibility for this.

2. We accept no responsibility for items lost or damaged while in transit. That is why we recommend Royal Mail special delivery service.

3. The price we offer you will be the best market price on the day we receive your gold. It is our policy to charge a small commission on each transaction. This helps cover our ongoing refining costs and keep gold prices paid to our customers as high as possible. Please use the gold calculator accordingly to calculate how much we will pay direct to you for your scrap gold. Please click Postal service or Local Service for more information.

4. We examine our prices twice daily to derive the best possible price for you.

5. Should you not wish to sell us your gold once we have made you an offer we will gladly post it back to you, free of charge, via Royal Mail special delivery.

6. We don't charge 'administration' fees for dealing with your gold, or to return your items if you change your mind.

7. We issue payment on the day we receive your gold upon a mutual agreement on the price offered.

8. Top Dog Gold take immense pride in our working practices but mistakes do unfortunately occur and we do reserve the right to correct these as and when they happen.

9. Whilst we guarantee to ALWAYS give our customers the best price possible, some prices quoted may be subject to change without notice at the discretion of Top Dog Gold.

10. Please note that Top Dog Gold may have to remove gemstones and/or wire from your gold items. In some instances this must be carried out in order to achieve an accurate weight. Top Dog Gold can accept no liability for this.

11. Non-hallmarked gold: Whilst we will always undertake to give the Top Dog price, even for non-hallmarked gold, we have to adhere to industry protocol which in some circumstances will affect the price we can offer. If affected you will be informed by our staff during the buying process.