Welcome to Top Dog Gold's blogs!

Welcome to Top Dog Gold’s blog. We plan to share with you all information on everything Gold! We will always try to put an independent bias on our editorials and hopefully stimulate some good conversation in the process.

Although Gold prices have been volatile due to world economic problems It is still an exciting time to be working within the Scrap Gold and Scrap Silver business as it continues be an excellent investment and in times of austerity a way to access some much needed cash.

We will keep you up to date with an overview of market trends, some advice to people who perhaps buy and sell scrap Gold and scrap Silver, maybe some interesting historical facts on Gold plus guest bloggers and lots more! If you have any subjects that you would like us to cover whether you sell scrap Gold and/or silver, are a scrap gold and silver buyer or just have a passing interest then please post a request and we will do our best to follow up in a separate editorial blog.

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