Selling Antique Jewellery?

Customers who sell gold in essex and hertfordshire often ask me about antique pieces that they are not sure where to begin what to do with! Well here are some basic rudimentary tips on what to do if you believe you have something worth more than scrap value..........

1. Know what you have

Just because Granny said her old diamond ring was valuable does not necessarily make it so. It does not ensure that it is a diamond either. So, before you even think of selling, get an accurate precis of its quality and authenticity.

Taking the piece to a couple of local jewellers and perhaps a pawn broker will give you a good idea of value. Add 20-30% on and you may have the market value and the state of your stone if it has one.




2. Set a realistic price

Having unrealistic price expectations for your diamond is the fastest way to disappointment with any ultimate sale. 

Generally, members of the public pay more for diamonds than say jewellers for re-sale, as they’re looking to save on retail buying but can’ afford shop prices, eBay  is a good platform, particularly if you have previous selling experience there but watch out for underhand traders who will attempt to knock your price down so they can sell on themselves.

If you have the time then why not look at prices of completed eBay sales for diamond jewellery with similar characteristics to your antique jewellery, check out comparable new diamonds in retail stores online, the value of gold and factor in a discount for your pre-worn jewel. Above all, remember that in most cases, the only reason anyone will buy your diamond is because they’re either going to make a profit from it or because it’s a good bargain, Otherwise, they would buy new.


3. Investigate your options

Resellers of diamond jewellery have two options: sell to the jewellery industry, maybe scrap gold buyer or to the public.  Choosing a buyer is not always about getting the top price, but how quickly you can settle a deal, may have an impact as to whom and when you sell. The primary advantage of selling to someone in the jewellery industry is time.  If you want to sell quickly and safely then contact a jeweller, diamond dealer or pawnbroker.  The downside to selling to a shop is that you’re unlikely to get a top price, since they intend to make a profit from your stone, they have no reason to pay anywhere near retail value. 

Also consider giving your jewellery to a high street jeweller shop or dealer to sell on your behalf. You might fetch a better price than selling to an industry insider because the diamond will be sold to the public, but the dealer will take a a commission. If you choose this option, always obtain a reference or go by your gut instinct when leaving your diamond with another person, you should trust them absolutely. Top Dog gold can offer this service and expertise along with a 100% reputation for our services within the local community. Call us free on 0800 130 3171 for a chat.




















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