Sell Indian and Asian Gold in Herts and Essex

Are we a scrap gold buyer that purchases Indian and or Asian Gold? The simple answer is if you are selling Asian gold then a very big Yes, we jolly well do!

As most items of Indian and Asian gold do not have British hallmarks this type of Gold is of a nature that it requires it to be tested for the gold purity or carat amount that is contained within an item or items.

However this process can be seen as an inconvenience time wise and dare I say a tad expensive! Well at best price for gold we solve these perceived problems for you.

We now offer a free assay and test service which is worth more than £50 and what's more we can arrange a 24 hour turnaround for the assay results in 99% of cases. In most instances we can even provide an agreed deposit payable to our customers whilst the Gold is being tested.

We supply an exact percentage of Gold v Alloy (non gold)  providing an accurate gold value and can also provide references from past and present customers who have used this service if requested.

So to recap;

●     Free melt and assay test worth more than £50

●     24 hour turnaround from receipt of gold Mon - Thurs

●     Deposit given on Gold received for testing

●     Customer testimonials supplied

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