See how to Accurately Weigh Your Scrap Gold

"How much does your gold weigh?" I obviously always ask when dealing with a customer in order to give an approx value of gold. This request sometimes is not quite as straight forward as it would seem! Often customers do not have any scales on which to accurately weigh their old gold.

Right......Here’s a tip on this I have been suggesting to customers for some time…

Weigh your gold at your local post office. Post office scales are ‘trade approved’ and are therefore extremely accurate and reliable. Obviously, you may not want others to actually see what you’re doing, so put your gold items into a plain envelope and seal it. Also just ensure you have an identical empty envelope with you. Now you can weigh the empty envelope and note its weight, then weigh the envelope with your gold jewellery in it. Then just simply subtract the weight of the empty envelope and bobs your uncle! You now have an very accurate weight of your gold.

Can't get to or even be bothered to go  to the Post Office? Use your home digital scales but please take note that they are probably not as accurate as you first thought. Many only weigh in increments of 5 grams and it’s very common for kitchen scales to be ‘out’ by several grams! "That's why I have put on weight!" I hear you say!!

If in doubt I always weigh your gold on my scales in your presence so you can see for yourself the actual weight!

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