Scrap Gold - What is it and who will buy it?

What is Scrap Gold?


As we all know, we all have or should we say the lucky ones amongst us have old jewellery such as Gold and Silver trinkets, Broaches, Gold time pieces, indeed all sorts of valuable metals. It is commonplace these day’s for items of Gold and Silver jewellery that are damaged or simple unfashionable stuck in a cabinet , perhaps disregarded as anything of real value. Some people, believe it or not are surprised at the true value of Scrap Gold and sometimes ponder as to whether there is a market out there for people with Gold to sell? 

The value of gold is is sitting high on the price scale at present and some economists forecast that it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. This goes for any Gold object whether pristine or scrap as regardless of cosmetic appearance it keeps a high value and can be liquefied and manufactured into brand new jewellery or even Gold bullion bars! Excellent news for the prospective seller of Gold!


Who will buy my unwanted Gold?



Traditionally the high street jeweler has purchased scrap Gold and Silver and could be handy if a quick cash sale was necessary. However because of expensive overheads the high street jeweler can rarely match genuine on-line scrap Gold companies whose overheads are generally much lower but be careful as scrap gold buyer that advertises on TV and radio have enormous overheads to cover and you the consumer will end up paying by selling for a much lower price.

Always ensure that a company advertises its Gold rates daily within its own web site and not just on a google advertisement! If need be call the company concerned or companies and form a “gut” feeling on their working practices and their subsequent integrity when dealing with you. So in short if you shop carefully you will find the best price for your unwanted gold.

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