A novelty idea for a Gold Christmas!

Christmas again and finding it difficult to know exactly what to buy family and friends? They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend ( I am a guy and I wouldn’t mind a few being flung my way over the festive season!) but in times of austerity she (or he!) just might prefer a Gold bar, albeit a 1 x 24 carat gram Gold bar! This Christmas give something of real value but affordable at the same time.  Give a gram of gold! No I do not sell them but it seems to me like a novel, jolly good Christmas gift idea!

Gold specialists and economists state that Gold is a brilliant hedge versus harsh economic times and inflation mainly because the value of Gold never drops to nothing and is an excellent way to sustain your wealth when a currency loses its value.

Money for Gold prices are high at the time of writing and let’s face it Gold will always be a valuable item to own. Just surf the web and you can find nice presentation packs of 1g, and 5g and 10g bars for that matter for around £50 plus or maybe less if you shop around.

I am sure you will agree that a gram of gold would be a very nice stocking filler!

Should anyone find this a good idea or indeed purchased one of these Gold bars or has some comments then I would be pleased to hear!

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