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Herts, Essex and UK Gold buyers - Polishing your Gold !


Whether you are thinking of selling your gold jewellery for cash on say E-bay, to a scrap gold buyer or just wanting to put a little sparkle back into your jewellery box then here I have a few tips on how to achieve this.

The value of gold these days is such that we want to look after and treasure it, ensuring it looks as good as possible and a good future investment.

Right down to the nitty gritty, forgive the pun! Just incase you were wondering, gold does not actually change colour although 9ct gold dulls more due to the extra copper and silver within the alloy.

Jewellery stones often appear dull or off colour due to soap and everyday gunge build up behind the setting. A good way to clean the gold is to rub an ordirnary paste cleaner (eg. a 'non-scratch kitchen or bathroom cleaner') in and around the setting then apply a good clean with an old toothbrush and plenty of hot water. If you do this under a running tap, ensure that there is a plug in the sink just in case a stone falls out - any jeweller can re-set a stone, but lose it and its probably a case of purchasing a replacement stone which is not cheap. Commercial jewellery cleaners are available from jewellery shops, hardware shops, department stores and on-line, either in paste or liquid form. Last but by no means least, shine the gold with a soft cloth.

For polishing gold rings: smear some jeweller's polishing rouge, see picture below, (stick form is more easily handled than powder) onto several strands of linen thread (old tea towel or cloth of some description)

Jeweller's Rouge


Pull the multi-stranded thread taught (tie one end to a heavy object or get a friend to help). Now rub the ring strongly up and down the thread. In this way, the outside and inside of the ring can be polished with ease.

I hope you have found this article useful and  I look forward to any coments you have and please remember, Top Dog is where to sell gold in Herts, Essex and the UK.

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