A Guide to Platinum Hallmarks

“Is my ring Platinum Philip” I am often asked when asked by a customer the value of gold or in this case Platinum!

First thing I do is look for a Platinum Hallmark. Platinum hallmarking was brought into the UK during 1975 as a result of legislation brought about by the Hallmarking Act of 1973. Before this date, jewellery containing platinum would often have no markings whatsoever or simply ‘Plat’ or ‘Platinum’ and would be of varying purity. If this is the case then a melt and assay would have to be carried out to acquire the actual amount of Platinum held within the piece. A platinum hallmark will have to comply with 3 compulsory and optional stamps.

The three compulsory platinum marks


Makers Mark

The picture of a ring above shows a typical post 1975 Platinum hallmark. The first mark indicates who submitted the item for hallmarking. Each manufacturer has their own unique stamp.

Fineness Mark

The third stamp in our example photo is the fineness mark. This tells you the precious metal content, expressed in parts per thousand. There are four recognised standards of platinum:

·                850 (85% pure)

·                900 (90% pure)

·                950 (95% pure)

·                999 (99.9% pure)

When identifying an item as being platinum, it’s important to check the shape and contents of the fineness mark. If the shape is anything other than what is shown above, it isn’t platinum.

Assay Office Mark

The assay office mark tells you which assay office tested and hallmarked your item. You will see from the ring picture above that the "Cat" head representing London is stamped on it. There are now four assay offices in the UK:

Traditional Fineness Symbol

If your platinum item has a purity of 950 or 999, it may display the traditional orb mark. Please see the ring picture above where you will the Orb stamp along with the 3 compulsory stamps!



I do hope this Blog has been informative and of interest to you. Please remember as to look no further when looking at where to sell gold , I am here to serve after all.............

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