Gold prospecting in the UK

 Having come across this interesting subject matter whilst undertaking some research as a scrap gold buyer (yes we do research our business!) and thought, hey........ this would be an interesting nugget (sorry about the pun!) of information for my readers. 

 I always thought that even our ancient ancestors imported gold from Europe and beyond according to archaeologists but surprising to me at least gold and other precious metals have been mined within our shores for thousands of years and this reason amongst others was probably an incentive for the Roman full scale invasion of England and Wales in AD43. Gold has historically been sourced in parts of Scotland, North and mid-Wales, and Cornwall and. It has and even now can be extracted from the ground or found in steams.

It is hard to believe but there are gold prospectors now within the UK who pan for gold within streams where tiny flakes to substantial nuggets are to be and have been found. This happens when gold is flushed out of the quartz by water erosion. It settles along the bottom of the Scottish burns. Most of the readily accessible gold can be located today in Scotland, mainly in the areas of Kildonan, Wanlockhead and Leadhills.

                Gold Burn today

During the 16h century Scottish panned gold contributed to the manufacture of coinage for the court of James V and it is said was used in the design and creation of his crown!

 There was even a Gold rush of sorts in 1868 which was mainly focused in the Kildonan area and initiated by a certain Mr Robert Nelson Gilchrist who had gained prospecting experience in Australia. Panning licenses were given and indeed a small town of Baile-an-or situated on the banks of the river Helmsdale was born.

                   Baile-an-or then and now!