Buying scrap gold - getting a good deal

As our regular customers are aware we pay a top, fair price for Scrap Gold and Silver, and to be perfectly honest we have to in order to be competitive. Saying that there are unscrupulous dealers out there who are out to rip their customers off! Strong words but unfortunately true.

1. Shop around for the Best prices for your Gold.

2. Know what you have!

Try to find out the carat of the Gold you that have. Most Gold (but not all) will have a mark although some plate Gold may have fake marks so you have to be careful. You can purchase a cheap Gold hallmark eyeglass and our Scrap Gold information details the different carats and hallmarks to look for including Silver. Also have an idea of the weight of your Gold. Decent kitchen scales will provide an approx idea of weight.

3. Open and Transparent Gold buying practices.

At Top Dog Gold we are as open and transparent with our business and working practices as we can be as many genuine Scrap Gold buyer businesses have been tarnished by the “Cowboys” and “quick buck merchants”.


Ensure you are aware of the weight of your Gold. Kitchen scales can often give surprisingly good indications! Depending on how much Gold you have it is possible to buy a small digital scale for £10 or less! Try to weigh in Grams if you can as this can be less complicated than Troy ounces.

Be sure to have knowledge of the Gold volume of your pieces. Please see Gold fineness and Hallmarks chart here.

Do your research regarding the daily value of your Gold. Gold fixes change through the day as do the economic markets which control the price. Check out The Gold bullion desk. Browse the Internet for Gold prices. Reputable Gold dealers should be offering around 80% upwards of the worth of your Gold according to the day’s Gold fix. Insist on a price from any dealer up front and trust your gut instinct on whether you sell or not.

We try to ensure that we 100% adhere to best practice as we describe in our blogs when dealing with our customers. Words are cheap we know so do feel free to try us and give us a call and discuss your requirements with us. Transparency in our scrap Gold business is something we pride ourselves on. Please remember that we adhere to our business values of, Honesty, Integrity and Excellent customer service.

Watch out for our next blog soon!

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