Best Price for Gold jewellery rings

Sell your old, unwanted gold rings for the best prices in Herts and Essex!

We buy all types of gold ring, white, yellow, rose gold,  whether hallmarked or not. Here is an example but not an exhaustive list as gold buyers of the types of rings we buy;

  • Wedding bands
  • engagement rings
  • eternity rings
  • signet rings
  • class rings
  • dress rings
  • sovereign rings
  • buckle rings.

Regarding hallmarks please do worry if your ring doesn’t have a UK hallmark, our gold testing methods are extremely accurate and our value of gold is the same for hallmarked and non-hallmarked items.

Stones in rings

Please note that when we process your items, we actually are paying you for the intrinsic gold content of your ring and not the weight of the stones.  If your gold ring contains one or more stones, we will usually remove them prior to valuation. If the stones are very tiny, they probably won’t add  much to the overall weight of your item and we will therefore value your ring or items with the stones intact.

Fake gold rings

Unfortunately, customers do occasionally own fake gold rings and understandably extremely disappointed when told so!. They are acquired most commonly from markets and internet auction web sites. In our experience they tend to be men’s signet style rings and are usually stamped ’18k’ inside , are unusually heavy and often made of brass!. You should note that the stamp is not a UK hallmark, but simply ’18k’. (For more information on UK hallmarks, see our  how to sell gold  information page.)

Below is an example of a Fake gold ring!

Not sure?

If you are unsure as to whether your ring is genuine or not then please contact us and we will test and value for free.

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