7 years 10 weeks ago
Customers who sell gold in essex and hertfordshire often ask me about antique pieces that they are not sure where to begin what to do with! Well here are some basic rudimentary tips on what to do if you believe you have something worth more than scrap value.......... 1. Know what you have
7 years 14 weeks ago
What is Scrap Gold?
7 years 16 weeks ago
Customers often ask me how I set my gold and precious metal prices. Basically I am governed by the price set by the London Bullion market twice daily as set out below.           
7 years 19 weeks ago
I often have customers say to me “well this gold has been hanging around the house in an old box doing nothing so may as well sell and enjoy the proceeds now…..” Well you do have options………. 1.   Do you really want to sell?   
7 years 24 weeks ago
We would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous New Year. Top Dog gold look forward to providing the best gold scrap buying service in 2013 where we plan to continue offering an excellent cash for gold price per gram.
7 years 27 weeks ago
Christmas again and finding it difficult to know exactly what to buy family and friends? They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend ( I am a guy and I wouldn’t mind a few being flung my way over the festive season!) but in times of austerity she (or he!) just might prefer a Gold bar, albeit a 1 x 24 carat gram Gold bar! This Christmas give something of real value but affordable at the same time.  Give a gram of gold! No I do not sell them but it seems to me like a novel, jolly good Christmas gift idea!