6 years 6 weeks ago
Think before you sell! Ensure you are aware of the weight of your Gold. Kitchen scales can often give surprisingly good indications! Depending on how much Gold you have it is possible to buy a small digital scale for £10 or less! Try to weigh in Grams if you can as this can be less complicated than Troy ounces. There are approx 31.1 grams in a Troy ounce.
6 years 6 weeks ago
We are pleased to announce that for customers wishing to sell gold in essex and sell gold in hertfordshire and surrounding area's we are now extending our FREE home visiting services further afield to;
6 years 7 weeks ago
Customers who sell gold in essex and hertfordshire often ask me about antique pieces that they are not sure where to begin what to do with! Well here are some basic rudimentary tips on what to do if you believe you have something worth more than scrap value.......... 1. Know what you have
6 years 12 weeks ago
What is Scrap Gold?
6 years 14 weeks ago
Customers often ask me how I set my gold and precious metal prices. Basically I am governed by the price set by the London Bullion market twice daily as set out below.           
6 years 16 weeks ago
I often have customers say to me “well this gold has been hanging around the house in an old box doing nothing so may as well sell and enjoy the proceeds now…..” Well you do have options………. 1.   Do you really want to sell?