5 years 45 weeks ago
To sell gold you first need to understand the gold content of your item surely? Not as obvious a question as at first may well seem! So...............
5 years 46 weeks ago
“Do you buy gold and silver coins” I am often asked by customers. “Yep sure do as I am not only a scrap gold buyer but I do purchase gold coins, gold watches etc”. I thought it may interest my blog readers that I have a top 4 coins that I have recollection of buying reasonably often and here they are; 1.     The British Gold Sovereign
5 years 49 weeks ago
Birthstones are often the subject of conversation between my customers whilst conducting my cash for gold business. Some are very knowledgable on thier own and that of there families birthstones, some havent a clue but are interested. Here we have some basic information on Birthstones which I hope you find useful.
5 years 50 weeks ago
I often get asked by prospective customers “are you like these dodgy on-line so called gold buying for cash companies? You know the ones that advertise silly prices then upon receiving your package come up with excuses to pay you a lot less!! Then to cap it all they take forever to send your gold back!"
6 years 4 days ago
Gold and silver were once the currency of the world. In the Middle Ages 'travellers' (traders) would visit towns and villages and would carry scales with them to weigh the silver they were paid. Small items would be paid for in copper. The original copper penny weighed 1oz, twelve of which could be exchanged for a silver shilling.
6 years 3 weeks ago
Melt and Assay