5 years 14 weeks ago
The price of Gold per gram is climbing again albeit after a major downturn last spring. The price of gold inclines to rise when the economy is behaving badly so arguably you can sell scrap gold with confidence at present. Over the last three years, gold prices ovrerall have dramatically increased though as mentioned and although the price has receded since reaching record highs in 2011 and 2012, gold still sparkles for any potential buyer or seller.
5 years 15 weeks ago
As a prominent herts essex gold buyer I am always being asked various questions during conversation with my customers and this is not an unusual subject matter at all! “What types of gold are out there?”
5 years 16 weeks ago
This is a brief bulletin to inform prospective customers that we conduct home visits for the whole of essex and herts not just to people who require to sell gold in essex for example as some clients have been confused specifically regarding our poplar home visiting service.
5 years 16 weeks ago
 Having come across this interesting subject matter whilst undertaking some research as a scrap gold buyer (yes we do research our business!) and thought, hey........ this would be an interesting nugget (sorry about the pun!) of information for my readers. 
5 years 18 weeks ago
Top Dog Gold prides itself on its business ethics and 100% transparency. So why leave it all to us when you can work out your own gold and precious metals prices and be exactly aware of the value of your items prior to contacting a scrap gold buyer.
5 years 19 weeks ago
To sell gold you first need to understand the gold content of your item surely? Not as obvious a question as at first may well seem! So...............