6 years 33 weeks ago
Think you own a rare Top Dog gold coin? This week’s blog provides a handy reference for customers as well as information on gold coin collecting in general terms and may come in useful if you are lucky enough to have items such as these in your possession and indeed looking at the value of gold coins. What is bullion then I hear you say? Bullion coins are coins which are bought and sold on a value for weight basis.
6 years 35 weeks ago
This is where we take some of our mature readers back in time a tad! Here at Top Dog gold I do not only deal with the value of gold but also silver, occasionally in the way of coinage, when silver coloured coins in use were actually worth something if that makes sense at all! I am briefly outlining the actual physical content of our coins during the last 200 years or so and hopefully will be of interest!
6 years 37 weeks ago
This blog is meant to provide simple, impartial, honest, and good common sense advice on how to sell gold with confidence and acquire the best prices for your gold, silver and precious metals. We give some of the highest prices within the UK for scrap gold, silver, and other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium and to be honest we have to so we can compete with our competitors.
6 years 40 weeks ago
Top Dog Gold are now proud to offer a local Scrap gold buyer service to Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Suffolk and beyond where economically viable for us! This covers the towns of; Milton Keynes                                   Cambridge
6 years 41 weeks ago
As part of my job when I am purchasing gold for cash in essex not forgetting herts! I do like to see, feel and touch fine gold and all the better if it has some history attached and this often includes chats with customers on when and where they came to owning the coins - yes interesting stuff. Even recently minted coins will have historical value in the future.
6 years 42 weeks ago
The price of Gold per gram is climbing again albeit after a major downturn last spring. The price of gold inclines to rise when the economy is behaving badly so arguably you can sell scrap gold with confidence at present. Over the last three years, gold prices ovrerall have dramatically increased though as mentioned and although the price has receded since reaching record highs in 2011 and 2012, gold still sparkles for any potential buyer or seller.