5 years 43 weeks ago
Here at Top Dog Gold we are proud to be leading buyers of scrap gold in Essex, Herts, the Home counties of London and now the UK via our FREE new postal service.
5 years 50 weeks ago
Sell Gold in Essex to Essex Gold Buyers. Top Dog Gold have just launched a UK wide gold postal service but do acknowledge that many local people would sooner sell gold in person and receive the monies in their hands at the point of sale! So we are outlining how you can sell gold in Essex without using the postal service.
5 years 51 weeks ago
Top Dog Gold are proud to announce the launch of their new money for gold UK wide postal service. Thats not just in the Herts, Essex, London and home counties areas but the whole of the United Kingdom including Scotland, Wales, Northern England and Northern Ireland!
6 years 2 weeks ago
Ideas and inspiration for my scrap gold buyer blogs are often triggered by my customer conversations as regular readers will know well! I often have customers literally drop a bag of old british coins on my desk and ask “what are these worth please?”
6 years 4 weeks ago
Think you own a rare Top Dog gold coin? This week’s blog provides a handy reference for customers as well as information on gold coin collecting in general terms and may come in useful if you are lucky enough to have items such as these in your possession and indeed looking at the value of gold coins. What is bullion then I hear you say? Bullion coins are coins which are bought and sold on a value for weight basis.
6 years 6 weeks ago
This is where we take some of our mature readers back in time a tad! Here at Top Dog gold I do not only deal with the value of gold but also silver, occasionally in the way of coinage, when silver coloured coins in use were actually worth something if that makes sense at all! I am briefly outlining the actual physical content of our coins during the last 200 years or so and hopefully will be of interest!