3 years 47 weeks ago
Why has the value of gold shot up I am being asked at present?
4 years 7 weeks ago
These are 10 interesting facts that gold buyers or anyone for that matter may not know about! 1.    Gold is the only metal that is yellow or "golden". Other metals may show a yellowish colour, but only after they have oxidized or reacted with other chemicals.
4 years 19 weeks ago
The gold price is improving all the time with it we are improving our services! As a leading recognised scrap gold buyer we will buy your gold for a great price combined with excellent customer service to suit your requirements. In 2016 we offer the following services;
4 years 36 weeks ago
Sell your old, unwanted gold rings for the best prices in Herts and Essex! We buy all types of gold ring, white, yellow, rose gold,  whether hallmarked or not. Here is an example but not an exhaustive list as gold buyers of the types of rings we buy;
5 years 2 weeks ago
Top Dog Gold is now pleased to announce that our main office is situated in Ware, Hertfordshire. You can now know where to sell gold, a mere 5 minutes drive, or short bus or train journey from Hertford. We also serve satellite towns and villages such as Bengeo, Bayford, Brickenden, Hatfield, Stanstead Abbots, Tewin, St Albans, and Welwyn to name but a few!!
5 years 3 weeks ago
“Is my ring Platinum Philip” I am often asked when asked by a customer the value of gold or in this case Platinum!