3 years 35 weeks ago
“Is my ring Platinum Philip” I am often asked when asked by a customer the value of gold or in this case Platinum!
3 years 38 weeks ago
"How much does your gold weigh?" I obviously always ask when dealing with a customer in order to give an approx value of gold. This request sometimes is not quite as straight forward as it would seem! Often customers do not have any scales on which to accurately weigh their old gold. Right......Here’s a tip on this I have been suggesting to customers for some time…
3 years 48 weeks ago
Are we a scrap gold buyer that purchases Indian and or Asian Gold? The simple answer is if you are selling Asian gold then a very big Yes, we jolly well do! As most items of Indian and Asian gold do not have British hallmarks this type of Gold is of a nature that it requires it to be tested for the gold purity or carat amount that is contained within an item or items.
4 years 6 weeks ago
Why not have a Gold Christmas on us! In order to spread some Christmas cheer to all our customers past and present we your local gold buyers are offering to pay an additional 2%, yes that's right an additional 2% extra on all our advertised gold and precious metal purchases from now until Monday December 22nd.
4 years 13 weeks ago
Now and again even within the cash for gold wilds of Hertfordshire and Essex  I do come across pieces of 15 carat gold. 15 Carat Gold I hear you say! don’t you mean 14 carat gold? Nope I mean 15 carat! It was actually discontinued in England as a gold standard in 1932 with Commonwealth member countries soon following.  It is usually marked 15ct but sometimes 625 (sometines both!) which outlines the gold content percentage of 62.5% gold.
4 years 23 weeks ago
Ever wondered if the Gold ring or Silver pendant that a kind granny left to you has a real or fake diamond mounted on or in it? Well if you are you deliberating whether or not to sell scrap gold including your stone(s) or if you are just interested in identifying the stone make up then you can take the item to a qualified jeweller for an assessment but this may cost you a fee!